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Superintendent of the Canton City Schools

This collection shares perhaps the most powerful engagement tool I've used as a superintendent of public school systems in Ohio - consistent and authentic communication with those I serve through frequent blog postings. Many of these communications were also pushed out through weekly enewsletters, district websites, social media channels, mobile apps, and text messages. My hope is that this page helps to ignite a passion for transparent communication and engagement with other educational leaders as well.

In the Canton City School District's Class of 2019, 96% of the students who were educated in our classrooms who did not transfer schools from Kindergarten through 12th grade graduated on time, well prepared for their futures.  

That story isn’t heard, though,...

Chairwoman Lehner, members of the committee, my name is Jeff Graham, I am the superintendent of Canton City Schools. I want to thank you for hearing my testimony today which opposes the process being undertaken to repeal and replace HB 70.

I agree that education quality...

Ohio’s legislators continue to grapple with how to support struggling schools. As the former Superintendent of numerous Ohio school districts including one subjected to HB70, I believe I have a unique perspective on what successful state intervention could look like. I...

February 14, 2019

Over the last few years, the districts in which I have served as a superintendent have weathered what anyone in education would consider to be unusual and challenging circumstances. However, the challenge I am asked about most often is that surrounding my time as the s...

August 15, 2018

In 2015, led by a passionate Governor Kasich, the Ohio legislature passed HB70 with one reading and little testimony.  The goal was pure — provide better educational opportunities for ALL of Ohio’s children — but in practice, the law has been and continues to be detrim...

The day after I was hired in the Lorain City Schools, HB 70 was signed into law which essentially meant that we were given seven months to convert our F’s to C’s on the Local Report Card. We understood that the likelihood of that occurring was low - especially with the...

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