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Congratulations to the Class of 2017!

On behalf of the Lorain City School District, I want to personally congratulate the first graduating class of the new Lorain High School. There is nothing quite like seeing you cross the stage, being handed your diploma, and knowing you've got what it takes to make it in the world beyond our classrooms. Lorain High School graduated 432 Lorain Titans on Tuesday, June 6th. Be sure to remember that your education didn't end on that night. It was simply a marker in your journey of accomplishments through life. A journey of choices, and hard work, and the relationships you'll built through time. That's why we made sure to have Kindergarten students present for your commencement. Yes, we wanted to show them where they are headed over the next 12 years in our schools. And that they too will be wearing a cap and gown on that very stage much sooner than they could ever imagine. But we also wanted to remind you how far you've come. That there was a day when you were only beginning to learn your colors, and how to read, and what it means to be a friend. That there was a day you were still fumbling with scissors, and how to open ketchup packets, what it takes to lead. Most of those early lessons you've likely figured out by now - but many of them we never truly master. And really, that's what adulthood is a lot of the time - leaning on one another, working together, and realizing just how much there still is to learn. Congratulations, once again, on all that you've accomplished. Know that you have an entire community made up of caring people who are out here rooting for you. Because if you've learned one thing in our schools, we hope that's what sticks: we are all proud of you for being a Class of 2017 graduate of the Lorain City Schools. Sincerely, Dr. Jeff Graham, Superintendent Lorain City Schools

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