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Examining the "Why" in Lorain City Schools

This morning I had the honor of speaking during Staff Convocation as we welcomed our team back for the new school year. To do so in the new Lorain High School auditorium, with the award-winning Lorain High Marching Band setting spirits high, was beyond all expectation.

We knew this was going to be a big year. But I underestimated the degree to which we’d collectively be affected by this homecoming. I hope you’ll view the video and photos below to gain a better understanding of the tremendous impact of this morning.

As many of you may know, Convocation kicks off a day of intensive, valuable Professional Learning opportunities in our schools. And this year’s focus is a lofty one. Under the leadership of our Director of Professional Learning, Michael Scott, our goal will be to dig in deep and develop in three critical areas so that we grow as a team to better serve our students, all year long, including:

• Lorain City School District's Instructional Framework - so that we have a common language relative to instructional planning, delivery, assessment, and feedback;

• Inclusive Practices - so that all of our students have equitable access and support to curriculum; and

• Cultural Competency - so that we can begin to intentionally analyze how we interact with each other and the diverse cultures of the community that we serve.

However, before we began this rich day of learning, we reflected a bit on the “Why” of our work.

Specifically, why do we do what we do?

Guess what: It’s not for better test scores. Click here to read on...

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